Ilsa Sharp ,  Austral-Asian Writer 


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Ilsa Sharp is a freelance writer, editor and researcher.

British-born, but now Australian, she has a degree in Chinese Studies and has lived longer in Asia than in Britain - chiefly in Southeast and East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

 In 1971, Ilsa was one of the first Western journalists to visit and report from China at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution.

Since 1989, Ilsa has based in Australia - Perth, Western Australia - commuting to Asia on writing assignments for international clients in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Her career since 1968 includes newspaper, magazine and broadcasting journalism, public relations copywriting, film and audio scripting, and book research editing, as well as public speaking and seminar presentations - on topics ranging from current affairs and news, business to nature, environment and wildlife, culture, travel, tourism and history.

She is the author of 20 books on aspects of Asia and Australia, including several commissioned corporate histories.

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